Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Song

My Song

My favourite song is playing again,
the music shifts back the years,
To faces and places that bring me home,
To the days we had no fears.

Traveling time to be with you,
To moments we lived forever.
Evenings filled with American Pie,
With Cheshire smiles endeavoured.

There was nothing then, we couldn’t do,
When we hung around together,
The world at large our modeling clay
Ours to mold and weather.

The roads exciting, we traveled far,
Our energy fast and strong,
those were the days, I remember well,
that come back to me in song.

Notes a brim with wine and roses,
Eternal promises meant to keep,
The days of smiling faces,
The days that make me weep.

I see you there, shining bright,
Defying time to end,
Old moments created, they’re with me now,
with the happiness that they send.
About this Poem: Music is a most giving experience that also has the power to transcend time. Songs can take us on a trip as if we just stepped into a conscious time machine where we go back to moments long ago to see faces and places while feeling the ambience of the time…moments that seem like yesterday.

Don McLean – American Pie

Tuesday, February 28, 2017



What becomes of humanity?

…When the planning for war takes precedence over the caring of our children…

Where are human values?

…When it is more important to save a corporation from bankruptcy than it is to save a community from corporate greed…

What becomes of the human soul?

…When authoritarian conditioning replaces empathic reasoning, moral principals and common sense…

Where lays humanity’s future?

…When we surrender our spiritual being to the voracious animal that lies within…

The Activist Poet
About this Expression:

Today people have been conditioned to accept the words and position of their authority figures instead of moral principals and common sense. Mankind has been enslaved by a sociopathic few. Yet it is entirely humanities fault for allowing the atrocities that have befallen the world to happen…because we have freely given our power and our trust to a soulless private banking and corporate meme who’s sole objective is to seek profit for themselves by whatever means necessary.

The corporate beast does not follow moral guidelines. It’s focused on only one thing, their bottom line. Decisions are made based on economics as corporations do not adhere to any moral principals…Its sole objective is profit, and the driver of it, is greed…

Once, there was a time when our communities were protected from predators. Our own human commitments to each other through organization and strength were based on a code of ethics and moral standing which was applied by common sense and empathy. These were the ruling guidelines that bonded all of us.

The natural laws given to us by our existence belong to all…and so our existence is due to the strength of our community. These facts are what allowed us to survive a millennium of constant upheaval.

Yet now in the age of corporate control, people who practice a return to the moral values of giving and sharing with each other, have been outlawed by the sociopathic few who control society with a corporate iron fist. They are monsters who write history in their ugly image while hypnotizing the masses with greedy illusions…

If humanity wakes up, it just might be too late as we are now facing our own extinction…

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Dancing Light

The Dancing Light

Grey skies shade my thoughts with sorrows,
My essence a prisoner of sadness,
hope uplifts all my tomorrows,
but realities drive me to madness.

A glow illuminates over the bog,
Gracefully waltzing out of reach,
It’s shadows shiver in the fog,
With lessons destined to teach.

The road ahead lingers fright,
My path revealed in dreams,
And when awakened by chill of night,
the light shines down in beams. 

I race to capture understanding,
Cumbrous weight denying me,
Yet the light ahead begins expanding,
and reveals the truth to me.

 About this Poem: "The Dancing Light" was inspired by a Piano composition called "Les danses de la lumière" by Russian Composer Vadim Kiselev. Here below is his beautiful composition and the links to his wonderful music.

Vadim Kiselev LINKS:

Buy Music @ the Following Online Stores

Tuesday, December 27, 2016



I am spirit, I am wings,
I bring terror to tyrant kings.
I am here, I am now,
I am everywhere that I vow.

I am storm born, lightnings glare,
I am the soul’s protector n’ heir.
I am prophesized with a mark,
I am fire in the dark.

I am the watcher of the skies,
the oracle of the wise,
I am the hush of screams,
the voice in dreams.

I carry the future, and a warning,
empathy to the mourning,
I am the end to damnation,
I am your Salvation.

About this Poem: The World inches closer to global war and annihilation but as 2016 came to an end, the lies of the west were laid bare in front of the global community…mainstream news was exposed for willfully spreading the sins of their government. All over the World, by virtue of the internet and independent thinking, the people have awakened from a spell that was cast over them by media propaganda. We now stare truth in the face…the lies have fallen, morals will be chosen as time closes in on the tyrants…Salvation is in the peoples grasp…it speaks to you in times of silence, and great upheaval to awaken you at the right moment, to fight for your freedom…and your Salvation. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Facebook Row

Photo Source: Dr Rich Swier

Facebook Row

Another Facebook time-out, they didn’t like what I said,
nor the posted pictures, of the terrorists who are dead.

I’m in political limbo, I’m not allowed to post,
Jailed by Facebook’s police, barred from coast to coast.

Caught by U.S. sensors, my words they say are bad,
I’m not allowed to use good terms for Putin and Assad.

My news feeds one-way traffic, my pages are all blank,
Unless I bow to extortion, and pay them from my bank.  

Their advertisers hound me, I mark them all as Spam,
Greedy corporate agents of belligerent Uncle Sam.

Their suggestions make me shudder, who the F*** is that?
with pages blank and empty, another troll or rat.

I plan my re-emergence, Palestine posts are due,
I’m sure to piss off Zionists, facebook's other shoe.

So here I wait in penance, eager to do much more,
and celebrate my family, all activists to the core.

~ The Activist Poet ~

About this Poem: Facebook is not a social network anymore, in fact it’s more of a US Intelligence program and corporate data mining tool / application that either penalizes users who do not fall in line with their politics, or data mines information while extorting small businesses for money. 

Ask any activist who’s been isolated for their political posts or ask a musician who now has to pay out money for their page posts to reach those who already subscribed to their updates. After paying Facebook for putting posts on more of the bands subscriber news feeds, bands find themselves out of pocket with no real results, as it's all just a numbers game and scam.

Now, Facebook has partnered with Fascist Dictatorship nations like Israel to censor what we can see or say. Together they become Orwell’s “Big Brother”…so being the Political Activist I am, here’s a middle finger, F U Salute to Facebook and its ZIO-Nazi Regime sponsors…

Little History Book

Little History Book

What words the victors’ gathered for their coronation;
the lies of their illusions and nightmares, with title,
taught in little schools, by little men, from little books.

About this Poem: ~ History is written by the Victors and not by the truth.

Saturday, October 1, 2016



Roaring fires dance with defiance in the eyes of determination, while muscle, bone and conviction harden to pleas for release in the last days of Rome.

Indignant slaves of industry, now thrust upon the alien shores of rebellion, unite as a fist to combat the tyrants who rule them...Tyrants who command allegiance by fear, permeate the faces of children with horror and hunger…Fury has driven the oppressed to the edge of madness! Rage fuels anger, resentment and resolve as the masses race to drive out the vile and corrupt patrician class.

Ruthless centurions obey their god commander and march forth to quell the uprising in the capitol. Saturated and drunk on psychotic illusions that they are supermen, these belligerent mercenaries are destined to drown in a sea of humanity that is intent on their demise.

Truth has forged the steel of rebellion and blessed the masses with honour, resolve and courage, which now stands united, in defiance, before the gates of the holy city.

Panic rides the brow of a falling regime as their victims rise to shatter the dictator’s illusions with each rock of truth thrown at his castle of glass.

Elitist arrogance and supremacist conviction, laid waste in the putrid vintage of its barbarity…the realm decays in its own rot, and brings the cusp of its own extinction…

The mighty hunter now becomes the hunted in foreign lands where empathy was slain long ago by a ruling elite, barren of forgiveness…

Evolution and chaos wait for judgement on the edge of desolation.

Will the oppressors be treated with the empathy they lack, or will the face of oppression harden in the image of a new king?

The search for reason takes pause in judgement and ponders with the stone cold stare of emptiness…
About this Expression: When people are oppressed and pushed too far, they will rise up and take back what was denied them. Sadly, what often happens after popular uprisings is that the masses go back to sleep after giving up the reigns of power. Thus the cycle repeats itself over and over again.

We have not yet seen the end of this greedy power cycle, which is fuelled by a private monetary system…but it is possible to change once the illusion of money dissipates and spiritual reality takes hold. When we collectively decide to change the way money works, we will evolve into a better world. Otherwise if the status quo continues we will in effect repeat a cycle with predicable consequences…

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Where Ice Winds Blow

Painting By: My Great Aunt "Phoebe Harney" (Circa 1916)

Where Ice Winds Blow

A mighty forest once graced the dell,
So green and lush, the lungs would swell.
The birds so numerous and full of vigour,
The skies back then so blue and bigger.

Our home was built long ago,
Where harmonies been and spirits grow.
Crystal waters blessed our land,
Along the mighty River Grand.

In life we toiled in rock and earth,
Our blood n’ sweat, death and birth.
Fate our own, belonged to none,
And everyday came the sun.

Alas the darkness brought its weight,
Outside the barn, the post of fate,
Trails in snow, deep red and black,
Each animal sacrificed n’ hung out back.

A child sobs his curse for food,
Eyes so flush his grief imbued.
Outside, the evening’s cold and damp,
While oil wick Flickers inside his lamp.

Melancholy howls, sing through the night,
T Wolves in prayer, under moon's light.
Sleep is restless, nightmares surge,
Drawn in fear where guilt’s converge.

Inside our haven, fire crackles with heat,
This prairie bungalow kept warm and neat.
Canning done, jars waxed and sealed,
now packed away, our autumn yield.

Winters barren lifeless thatch,
Bundled carefully behind the latch.
Fields now barren and covered in snow,
Whistling gusts, where ice winds blow.

About this Poem: A photo struck me in a Poetry contest I entered recently, called “Outback Shed”. The Photo prompt in the contest was of an old homestead in the Outback that conjured up a memory of a painting my great-aunt made and gave my grandfather in 1916 (100 years ago.) The painting, depicted above, is of a farm at night, where outside, clearly visible is a trail of blood leading into the barn…the painting left an impression on me for a long time, that I’ve just now expressed in this Poem. Life and times were very different 100 years ago but this painting will always remain chilling with a reminder to me that all life is precious…

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Warning Hubris Halls

Warning Hubris Halls

To those in power in hubris halls,
around the corner destiny calls.

Your laws of division are about to fail,
And soon you’ll see the Justice scale.

I don’t imagine you’ll do so well,
the place you created, is a living hell.

Considering all the damage done,
Don’t be surprised or look so stunned.

Truth has born the people awake,
Pray for mercy, in their quake.

About this expression: A warning to dictators, Oligarch’s, and the hidden majority shareholders in Mega corporations and Private Banks…beware of the informed masses, for the crimes you have committed will be judged in the court of morality...your end is near...

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Economic Fall

Economic Fall

The clash of steel and iron plays on foggy screens, as raging economic fires consume every town and village across the land with echoed screams. Empty homes ablaze on smouldering markets of greed, now just a pile of embers, ash and shattered illusions.

Desperate fingers point at created enemies, scribbled on leaflets and dropped on the starving by patrician thieves. Desolation notes, delivered by Trireme commanders to man the oars and destroy the rebellions abroad.

Ship of fools, rowing in madness towards the jutting rocks of truth on the raging seas of insanity; Woe to them who are chained to the oars of empirical delusions…

The stores are empty onboard tall illusive dreams, where shell-shocked rowers fall by the weight of the chains they have come to depend on. Leaky ships eastward steering, sink to the bottom of the sea, while their cannons are fired in all directions…

The mirage of recovery fades in the pangs of unfulfilled promises and broken dreams. A generation crushed by debt, left smouldering in the ashes, has lost its hubris…the empire is dead.
About this Expression:

Mankind’s destiny has arrived at a major fork in the road…one path leads to extinction, the other to freedom and salvation. However, the choice is blurred by the noise of propaganda and parasitic elements that drive a sociopathic leadership towards chaos and destruction…the decision has already been made for us, as we are blindly led down a road by the directors of greedy addiction, desperate for its next fix…they have chosen war instead of peace…

Monday, July 11, 2016

Mob Boss Hillary

Mob Boss Hillary

There’s nothing she can’t handle,
that’s why there’s Scandal after scandal.
A butcher by trade, in a trail of blood,
her stories are buried and covered with mud.

Extortion, theft and murder her bag.
Little Rock’s Hillary, the mafia hag.
Now the sociopath has a nation to loot,
With slush funds hidden to cover dispute.

From Travelgate, war crimes, those still to commit,
this Presidential psychopath is truly unfit.

Whitewater schemes and real estate rafting,
crimes she patched by special grafting.
All sails down that memory hole,
along with the money that she stole.

Cattlegate, filegate, Chinagate too,
How many fiasco’s did Hillary do?
Extortion murder, blackmail and theft,
How many people has she bereft?

Here comes the Clinton’s Defence Fund,
her accumulated bribes have left me stunned.
But power is corrupt in all the bribed places,
now paying dividends in her electoral races.

Millions hidden with IRS abuses,
Offshore accounts, billions of excuses.
Pardongate me, are those your FALN thugs,
Why the smiles? Why the shrugs?

Election rigging, senate rules violation,
the law of the land, now on vacation.
FBI clearance continues the fraud;
Who the hell is it, that’s backing this broad?

Warmongering slut of the US M.I.C.,
a Pentagon whore and oil slick.
This plea for sanity, do not ignore,
because a Vote for Hillary, is a vote for war.

I was interviewed by Press TV today and shared my thoughts on the US Presidential election. Here’s the Link.

US presidential election system corrupt, farcical

Monday, May 16, 2016



Perceptions in the world have changed,
imprisoned minds unblocked,
eyes are quite wide open,
no longer closed or shocked.

September brought the earthquake,
October brought the war,
November brought insanity,
by December we were poor.

The global coup came creeping,
every nation on the block,
the twists n’ plots so furious,
economies held, grid locked.

The world’s been set on fire,
arsonists are in charge,
raging fires burn our homes,
insanity by and large.

Demons run the country,
more are in the wings,
trained to spawn the chaos,
and the turmoil that it brings.

Heaven help our children,
their futures not so clear,
and so the world keeps drifting,
in panic and in fear.

About this expression:

I’m appalled and outraged by all the violence, greed and destruction that the US establishment has imposed upon the people of the World…I simply cannot accept it, nor can I live with the reality of it, therefore I write to express my disgust of it...

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