Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Calling

The Calling

…The moment approaches when the last defenders of all that is good will rise to the call and unite against an Imperial collective that is usurped in darkness and shadow…rest assured that you are ready to fulfill the tasks you were imprinted with before your birth…life will go on, but great change is coming…do not blame those who did not awake, pity them, for they do not have the ability of vision nor clarity of mind to complete the difficult tasks that lay ahead…protect them and stay the course in truth, using your insight, common sense and empathy, for these qualities are your strength, and the foundation of what is to come...

Music by Pauline Alexander

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Pauline Alexander – World United Music


Friday, October 24, 2014

Social Collapse

Social Collapse
In global arenas of thought and mind,
Moments and opinions, locked in a bind.
Comments get ugly, coarse and rind,
Humanity’s so empty, and hard to find.
Ego carrion leaders, on mountains looking down,
Piling on the wounds, they burn us to the ground.
As the valleys fill with water, the lifeboats are all broken
You’re forbidden to speak of things; your masters have all spoken.
The neighbours that you thought you knew, have begun to point their fingers,
Scared to death of the shadow men, and the fear that seems to linger.
I find myself alone at night, with pandemonium all around.
And then the door busts open, “freeze! Don’t make a sound!”
The neighbours gather outside your door, the SS dogs are barking,
You have a new identity, from all the Labels and markings.
Your friends and family have abandoned you, believing what they’re told
Never even investigating, the lies that they were sold.
They’ve trashed your house, ruined your life, and taken your computer.
Then carry you out with guns a waving, leaving everything to the looters.
It seems the crimes you committed, came from outside the box
You’re not allowed to organize, think or allowed to talk.
Supremism fills the nation, on a witch-hunt they go,
Their minds have all been taken, focused on imagined foes.
The rhetoric shifts to global change and total eradication
Whatever happened to society, and this once mighty great nation?
It’s hard to understand the ignorance, it all becomes nightmarish,
When politicals take your rights away, societies fall and perish.


Monday, September 29, 2014

Memories of You

Memories of You
In Moments of quiet reflection,
I nod into a dream.
I see you clearly smiling there,
And know you’ll never leave.
How wonderful it is, to see you,
Oh the stages we played back then.
And the things that we dared to challenge,
Were all worth it in the end.
Old songs playing on the radio,
They’re calling us to sing.
Recalling youthful feelings,
And all our hopes and dreams.
Remember all those nights,
Filled with life and laughter.
The secrets that we kept,
And the promises we made after.
When I open my eyes, I see you,
You’re shadow’s still there,
I know that you can see me.
And I know that you still care.
Here inside my memories,
Your smile will always remain.
You’re as vibrant as you are youthful,
Artistic, and still the same.
I long for all the times we had,
And the paths that we did trend.
Recalling all the memories,
I’m glad you were my friend.
We never stopped dreaming,
We never lost our way.
I hear our sounds of laughter,
They never go away.


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mirrors and Reflections

Mirrors and Reflections
The night sky fills with Fireflies, and sends my mind afar,
While looking up, a familiar face is cast among the stars.

Memories fill my mortal gaze, as silent movies run,
Remembering smiles of happiness, and the warmth of a rising sun.

The sage is urging me forward now, our spirits are pulled away,
Time for memories tomorrow then, when my tasks have had their day.

Moving with what guides my life, in tidal energy flow,
The wave of light uplifts my soul, and directs me where to go.

Passing through the darkness, silver oceans cast their light,
Like conscious rivers flowing, impassioned, warm and bright.

Empathic thoughts projected, embrace the memories of you,
Together as one spirit, nothing else comes through.
My mind’s in deep reflection, as the universe begins,
It kindles a warming fire, from the light that’s fed within.
Thoughts evolve from inner light, and travel conscious plains,
The more I feed the torus, the brighter are its flames.
Spheres of thought and memory, all aligned in phase,
Filled with every moment, to express my mortal days.
Orbs of light and brilliance, circle around me so,
Like fireflies in heaven, they’re calling me to go.
Thoughts and light are merging now, my senses are so clear,
The consciousness that’s guided me, has taken all my fear.
Mirrored are the heavens, reflecting all that’s true,
At last we are together, I’m finally back with you.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Return to Sanity

Return to Sanity

Returning the World to sanity, rests on an appeal to the intellect of all moral abiding citizens the World over but especially to the people of the West…where pointing out different historical perspectives and facts as to what really happened 100 plus years ago will instigate Historical revision and correct the error-filled history books provided by a one sided point of view and powerful, economic money trust…

Human Industrialized Civilization has come to a crossroads where we must collectively evolve past the belief that economics and war are the only answer to sustain a way of life…we will either have a massive intellectual awakening and call to action, or there will be a continuation towards our total destruction…Currently, these choices have been left in the hands of insane and incompetent leaders who prefer to impose war and austerity on the people of the World rather than collaborate on real solutions to build a better World…If we choose apathy and continue down paths chosen for us by an economic elite, we will assure our own collective suicide…the choice is yours…


Monday, August 11, 2014

Embrace the moment

Embrace the moment
Embrace the moments that capture your soul and merge you with your surroundings, for they are rare moments that connect you to a greater consciousness and a reminder that your short stay here on earth is part of a much longer journey.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Raise Your Soul

Raise Your Soul
Investigation is a step to higher understanding and a champion of conscious evolution. Be not content on the unquestioned opinions enshrined by the fathoms of darkness…for Ignorance enflamed, abounds in hatred to fill mans heart with blindness and rage where Shame is the one that chooses apathy with a diet of illusions in trade for knowledge and truth.
Raise your soul in vision, empathy and love to experience the growth in consciousness ere your spirit stagnate, decay and die a thousand deaths.
Raise your soul…

Monday, July 28, 2014

Rise Up


Rise Up
Rise up good people, rise to the call,
Your foundations are strong and will not fall.
Leave those behind that are blind with madness,
Rise with consciousness, and heal the sadness.
Rise and find what your purpose was for,
Lift your humanity above those that wage war.
Project your empathy, heal the wounds,
Make your stand, so peace will come soon.
Rise up good people, rise to the call,
Your foundations are strong and will not fall.
The world around you, requires a mend
It is up to you and yours to defend.
Rise good people, rise in your years,
Humanity needs you, to end its fears.
Love and hope draws strength from within,
Use it now so a new world can begin.
Rise good people awake from the frost,
We’re under siege now, our communities are lost.
Wars are being waged, in many different places,
The darkness descends, leaving evil faces.
Rise up good people, rise to the call,
Your foundations are strong and will not fall.
Lift your compassion, use your common sense,
Clear the fog away that’s gathered so dense.
Rise good people, awaken, open your eyes,
Now is our chance before everything dies.
In your heart is the purest of power
Use it now, this is your hour!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Monotheistic Shadows

Monotheistic Shadows
A heavy mood descends on me, the shadows cast are long,
My thoughts are far away again, as memories are freed from song.
The acts are broken records, the same tune plays on and on,
The isle of man is sinking, our humanity is almost gone.
Hidden behind the curtain, money leaves its trail,
It’s filled with evil intentions, and the sounds of cries and wails.
Apologists on speakers preach, that insanity must not fail,
Do not question authority, or you will go to jail.
Criminal lands created, ruled by demon kings,
They raze the population, and burn their precious things.
The prize for them is Palestine, the holy place within,
their goal is to replace it, with misery, hate and sin.
The Zion Beast is strengthened, hidden in its castle,
it receives the help of murder kings, a coven of its vassals.
Throughout the lands of apathy, the people are in a daze,
The oceans burn with fire, the skies are in a haze.
Supporting souls and victims, pray for all they had,
Never understanding, the system’s God is mad.
Feeding on the carrion, emitted by human fear,
The beast delights in killing, its shrieks are all you hear.
Vile Marauders fill the ranks, of the Armageddon hoards,
They trample down humanity and unleash extended swords.
Offerings in Bloody Bodies, becomes trans-substantiation,
A perversion and human sacrifice that spreads to every nation.
The Silence of collusion so deafening, the leaders are all in bed,
Massacres by Satan’s army continue, the streets have all turned red.
Food and wine corrupted now in prayer to the demon God,
Baptized in Khazar temples and ruled from the land of Gog.
Armageddon rides a horse, and brings with it confusion.
Arise good people everywhere, break free from dark illusions.
Project your empathy higher, the true spirit within us all,
Together we can save the day, before mankind does fall.

Friday, July 18, 2014

The ZION Beast

The ZION Beast

The creature stands in front of its lair engulfed in flames of rage proclaiming its war on mankind…Blindness surrounds the colourless souls that hear only the echoed voices of illusion…and like lemmings, they follow into sway, burning with the fires of madness.

Away in the distance, the cries of the besieged echo in streets now cast in darkness. Fires rage with crackling smoke, while the dead search for reason. Columns of greed and hate move in to crush the souls of children as the demons feed from their blood lust and cheer in delight from their mountain tops. The ZION Beast is revealed for all to see…and may God damn it back to hell!!


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Road Home

The Road Home

Adorned and Decorated by paintings from the gallery of thought, I see beyond the imposed barriers to my freedom and peace of mind. Empathy illuminates the endless dimensions before me and chases away the night, while my heart breathes the fragrance of the valley and my soul touches the sky. Reflected visions of long ago well into happiness, while the tears paint the last canvass of memories in my life.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Only the Guilty

Only the Guilty
Only the guilty launch aggressive war
Their vile greed precedes them and still they want more.
They justify their lies from the bullets fired back.
They slaughter the innocent in vicious attacks.
Only the guilty usurp all the powers
And build themselves walls and towers.
Extended Paranoia, solidified in their crimes 
There is nothing they wont do to cross the line
Only the guilty create stories of propaganda
To hide behind their walls of hate and slander
Lying to the unaware they cover up what they’ve done
Then build more settlements on what they’ve won.
Only the guilty point fingers of false blame
Another weapon unleashed in their vitriolic game
They excuse their crimes with lies and revisions
They play the victim to justify their decisions
Only the guilty make laws to protect themselves
Seizing power and governance in a pact with hell
Always fearful, always couth,
They pass their bills to criminalize the truth
Only the guilty will excuse ethnic cleansing
To justify and wash away the laws they are bending
They extinguish the light and usher in darkness
They use their god to justify harshness
Only the guilty are blind to massive crimes
Egos of ignorance, a sickness in their minds 
They legalize torture and build more prisons
They demonize the vanquished and silence the visions
Only the guilty attack and form an alliance
Then brutalize their victims who stand in defiance
Hatred comes from their decaying minds
Death and damnation is all you’ll find
Be aware and heed this warning,
Damnation will come for the guilty one morning
Judgement waits it will take its time
But be assured real justice is not blind.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I Still Dream

I Still Dream
If dreams came true I would not be a failure at everything I do…yet still I dream, even though my eyes and ears are covered in labels by people that don’t believe in me…I can still see…I can still see the beauty in front of me…even though I endure the anguish of others, the disappointment of mothers, the condemnation of sisters and brothers, I still see…even when I am laughed at by people immersed in systemic illusions, machine made with greed fusion…I still dream of a better world…I still dream that one day there will be something I do that will blossom and grow…I still dream, I thought you should know…

Thursday, May 8, 2014

I am Home

“I Am Home” is a Poem that explores fractal consciousness from birth to death and the lifelong journey in search for the meaning of existence.

I Am Home
Surrounding darkness wanes, birthing image, form and sight,
Deep the first breath sails, with eyes seeking for light.
Born of universal mind, consciousness becomes aware,
Holding bonds and imprints that form within the glare.
Journeys unfold from vastness, untouched by light or flame,
Held by unseen powers with guidance through the rain.
Beating hearts of purpose, engraved within the soul,
Forever seeking knowledge and all there is to know.
Chosen tasks and journey’s, emerge from night to day,
Enticed by inner knowledge and the role that they will play.
Encounters begin to flourish; insights start to gather,
Euphoric flares and polar thoughts, are all that seem to matter.
Cities of opposition, loom closer with their maze,
Filled by Fractal beings, with different paths and ways.
Buildings of ego rise within the confines of the mind,
Disrupting thoughts and currents, they become resistive blinds.
Expressed in mortal lifetimes, navigating endless streets,
Some are filled with wonder others filled with grief.
Rigid minds of ego, seeking purpose to defend,
To prove the rugged journey has meaning in the end.
Minds of merging circuits now, discarding redundant thought,
purpose is much clearer, from the lessons that were taught.
Conflicts fall and spirits rise, resistance is let go,
Fractal beings much wiser, that give in to the soul.
Extinguished thoughts once captive, lay abandoned, and in tatters,
The truth is found in Oneness, it’s all that really matters.
Uplifting light descending now, filled with empathy,
The mist is lifting softly, to reveal eternity…
I Am Home!
Dedicated and in Memory of Michael C. Ruppert, tracker of truth and Light worker.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

A Flickering Teardrop

A Flickering Teardrop
Gliding through space and time, evolving to her death
Moments and thoughts reflected, embraced by what is left.
Immoral civilizations, complacent with mounting greed
Bringing Earth’s apocalypse, while painted smiles lay siege.
Stacks of books lay dormant, a testament to what’s been done
In echoed halls of misery, where victor’s words are sung.
Read now the omissions, of morality and common sense
It lays in opposition, to the sociopaths offence.
Anvils of industry empowered, by empty political decrees
disrupting the natural course of things, that no one claims to see.
Oceans of fate devoid of life, now forever to unfold
Behold the paper forests, and the written words in gold.
TV watching programs, expressing hate and fear
Bowing down to the electric god, who’s painted as a seer.
Watch the sun declining, disgusted with all the hate,
Fractal units left alone to experience their mortal fate.
Ego inflated carrion, fly over what’s been said
Pursuing illusions of comfort, they no longer count the dead.
The setting sun goes down now, the tempest spins in haste
Reflections of a declining world, a flickering teardrop in space.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

They Come on Gusts of Wind

They Come on Gusts of Wind
It happens before every storm, the build up of emotion that peeks to an awareness that something more than a storm is coming. As the wind picks up, it brings with it an energy field that seems to bridge the spirit world and the living world into one consciousness.
The excited sounds of the birds outside confirm my feelings that I’m not the only one that feels the rise in emotion and energy. Alarm bells go off in my mind warning me that something is coming…I feel like I’m inside a dream not able to see what looms in front of me but I know its there…I feel it’s approach as the raised hair on my neck confirms.
The wind rolled in, howling down on the dwellings of confused inhabitants all around me. Dark clouds above moved in swiftly, battling in a tangled twilight with the suns rays revealing images in motion as if on plains long forgotten and in stories from long ago only rediscovered now as they announce their presence.
The clouds merged into landscapes and shadow images seen only in dreams as the wind carries something that moves unseen and silently into place. Formations held fast as the wind briefly dies to reveal consciousness peering down on the life below…and then just as quickly as it came, moved away, chased by something close behind.
There was an awareness in the air that seemed driven by confident madness…and yet it did not take notice of the scurrying figures below. The moment seemed fit for the beginning of a nightmare but in a waking moment, it is real…
In an instant, my mind is taken to confident thoughts and impressions found when consciousness takes hold in dreams. There are cycles of deja vu and all knowing flowing through my mind, thoughts of shadow and light. Something is there…I sense it, and it senses me…

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Destiny Awakened

Destiny Awakened
Imprints hidden internal, come forth from long ago
Reaching deep within you, your purpose starts to flow
Visions brightly glowing, illuminating paths ahead
The truth begins unfolding in stories to be read.
Empathic feelings inside you, relax your awakened mind,
Embrace the conscious spirit, and the truth that you will find.
The answers that you seek, will flow with insightful visions
Whispering when the time is right, for you to make decisions.
Trust in intuition, it will always see you through
Awaken to your destiny, forever guiding you.


Monday, January 6, 2014

Clashing thoughts in Worlds Unseen

Clashing thoughts in Worlds Unseen
Hear the drummers drumming, the rhythm of the fold,
Feel your heartbeat rising, to forgotten thoughts of old.
Wrapped in shrouds of dusk, and scarves of brilliant light,
Moving fast unfolding plains, they gallop through the night.
Through hooded cloaks they shine, determined in defiance
with thin lined expressions, held back in non-compliance.
The air is thick with vision, prophetic thoughts to gorge
Crashing on rocky shores, the warnings were ignored.
Moving in the shadows, thoughts gather with the flow,
Empathic streams of healing, against the skies they glow.
Awaiting champions rise, holding oaths to advancing legions,
thoughts of light and darkness, confronting forgotten reasons.
The promise to worlds uncounted, for bounty and harvests made,
And the spirals growing bigger while others pass and fade.
When cycles come, and cycles end this land will be no more.
Prepare for what is coming, open all your doors.
Yet waves of apathy flood, the minds of unsuspecting men
never seeing the eschaton, that spells their mortal end.
Stewart Brennan
Inspired by the song “Wicker Man” by Damh the Bard

AND Also Inspired by: Michael C. Ruppert and the LifeBoat Hour

Damh the Bard – World United Music


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Illness of Society

The Illness of Society  

The illness of society and the scurge of our planet are directly related to our fear of letting go of an illusion. May the New Year on the Gregorian Calendar, 2014, usher in the end of greed, power lust, and the global banking system…and may life on planet Earth rise like the Phoenix from the ashes in rebirth to the noble ancient ways of common sense and empathy.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Freedom Pending

Freedom Pending
Dark clouds born of ignorance weigh down on mankind’s progress toward evolution as he struggles to see beyond his self imposed limits of mind…imprisoned by his disconnection from the source, he stands alone in fractal bits, isolated by the fears he has collected in broken thoughts that have built his reasoning…only in complete harmony with the Earth will the light shine through to free his mind, spirit and soul.

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Corporate Plague

The Corporate Plague
An ill wind blew as we sensed their coming,
Over the hills, they came running
Claiming Earth, on scrolls of paper
Inflicting wounds, with poisoned vapour
In the still, our minds in shock,
Our connection to the land now blocked
Awakened by nightmares, our mothers cry,
And then we see our children die.
These Heartless creatures from the abyss,
Engulfed in flames, extending fists
Devouring our spirits, in their own preservation,
They extinguish hope, with no reservation.
Their vision of promise is lush in illusions,
their minds so sick and rife with delusions.
They came well dressed in suits and ties,
They burned the earth with greed and lies.
They steal our homes and remove us from the land,
They obliterate our communities and make us disband.
Woe come the Locusts of greed,
Consuming all life on the paths they feed.
My eyes are open to this chaos descending,
Mankind is headed for a bitter ending.
Spreading fast are the infected souls,
Content to empower corporate goals.
Such painful visions, I don’t want to see,
So I close my eyes where there is just me.


Monday, October 14, 2013

Warnings of Old

Warnings of Old
In days of lies and bribery, rise the demons of the Kell,
Destroying peace and freedom, and turning Earth to hell.
Imprinted arms and shoulders, cast the mortals down,
Waiting in the dark they prowl, deep inside the ground.
Armies raised ferocious, on malcontent and greed,
Placed on foreign lands, to nurture evil seeds.
Deceiving Politicians, commanding sinful blame
Excused by hidden interests, that control the entire game
Society is distracted, and fooled with sinful sights,
Embracing all the orgies, with all their weakened might.
Lifetimes spent misguided, distracted by the fold
Keeping people busy, seeking elusive gold.
Now in days of darkness, come forth the saviours wrath
Unleash the truth unhindered, direct us to the path.
For sudden moments linger, and capture thoughts of old,
Deeply rooted truth within, in dreams they do unfold.
Mankind once was mighty, in knowledge did it bask,
In ancient civilisations, before the earth was smashed
Come forth to us in guidance, the sense that we may find
Embedded in enlighten ones, the teachers of the mind.
Sow your seeds of wisdom, that unity is earth’s fate,
The answers lay within you, the choice is yours to make.
For beware the days of darkness, that extinguish all the light,
Seek instead the truth of old, embrace that which is right.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013


End of days, end of nights,
Countless spirits taking flight.
Searching in and searching out
Time will tell what life’s about.
Internal will, external might,
Suppressing dark, embracing light.
Sinful new and sinful old,
Forgiving burdens to unfold.
Healing wrongs, making right
Learning life in second sight.
Earthly souls, mortal deeds,
Moments gather endless needs.
Reaching lows, finding heights,
Mortal battles, endless fights
Keeping balance, ending sins
Finding guiding strength within.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

In Living Moments

In Living Moments
Graceful memories descending, where thoughts of healing play.
from the days we lived forever, a place not far away.
A world once grand and living, our minds were free to dream.
Empathic souls so giving, no shoulders did we lean. 
Recalling faces distant, enacting all the scenes.
Moments filled with happiness, and all my youthful dreams.
Shades of mist now lifting, warm smiles come racing back,
remembering things we did together, in nothing did we lack.
Living moments of the past,
come chase away the gloom.
Bring forth the golden light you cast,
from smoke filled living rooms.
Dream-like settings play, with twilight filtered skies,
recalling thoughts and feelings, from days that passed me by.
Shifting winds and memories, of moments from the past
Captured in the clouds above, and the images they do cast.
Painted smiles, recorded time, on scrolls of energy,
Accepted by the universe, displayed for only me.
Moving now, slow motion, in phase with everything.
Echoes in our voices and the songs that we did sing
We sang of hope and happiness, the good things that we would do.
In Heartfelt thrusts of thunder, we released our energy through.
Living moments of the past,
come chase away the gloom.
Bring forth the golden light you cast,
from smoke filled living rooms.
Staring in the distance now, recalling all the years,
filling me with happiness, retreating all the tears.
Our worlds forever lasting, the bonds will never break.
Distant memories tied together, in the light that we did make.
Come forward now enlightened ones, take root in family trees.
Lets sing our world to happiness, let’s paint for all to see.


Monday, September 30, 2013

Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey 
Day is night, and night is day, blending worlds into grey
White is Black and Black is white the politicians say.
Good is bad and bad is good leaving me in wonder
Why invading corporate armies have us all asunder.
Parasitic parties, diseased with cancer stems,
Feeding on leprous money, the corruption never ends.
Political pigs fattened, always smiling in the trough
Watch them cough and sputter, they really piss me off.
For day is night and night is day, they’re turning everything to grey
But for souls around the planet, the world is in decay.
Cash cow needles inserted, corporate lobbies and foreign IV,
feeding off the people, and billing them their fees.
Don’t be asking questions, they do not expect or see
watch our mainstream media, they dance, gurgle and plea.
For day is night and night is day, they’re turning everything to grey
But for souls around the planet, the world is in decay.
Gathering opinions silenced, unheard, ignored and condemned,
People plea for justice in a world that abolishes them.
Corporate interests covet, the sky, the land and sea,
They pay the politicians, who give it to them free
How will the children function in the world that’s given to them
in illustrious immortal castles, disappearing in the end.
For day is night and night is day, they’re turning everything to grey
But for souls around the planet, the world is in decay.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Noble Victories Be Not Still

Noble Victories Be Not Still
In darkest places when night is high
Forward come dark minions nigh
Thunder ground and air so shrill
Replacing slumber and peaceful still.
Conscience now awakened, searching for the light
Quickly trampled underground by horses in the night
Warning sounds echo, from guarded mountain tops
Waking restful souls from sleep, to help them make it stop.
Battles build to outrage, as the people defend their homes
Millions mourn the victims, of the bloody plight of Rome.
Watching eyes eternal, good people vigilant with pride
Weep before their gods of light for the many that have died.
Screams of outrage rise, the world over do they burn
Startled leaders grapple with the force that people churn.
Voices thrust forward, forceful, right and noble
Collective conscience rises, a presence vast and global.
The enemies of mankind, on horses and in their towers,
Stepping back humiliated, the people's finest hour.
Stay attentive and be not restful, deceived or weak
Mankind’s enemies lust with greed, and forever does it seek.
For deceitful lies in webs cast, for money land and power
Lay disguised and hidden, just waiting for their hour.


Friday, September 27, 2013


Heard in distant voices, escaping from the wrath
Internal fires lighting, candles to the path.
Minds trapped in twilight, longing to be there,
In Far away worlds, in sanctuaries rare.

Visions becoming clearer, in waiting dark they light,
Dreams of inner wisdom, asleep and in the night.
Heartbeat racing faster, changing, restless, death,
In waking dreams now faded, you pause and catch your breath.

New stories still unfolding, they find you unaware,
Empathic visions capture, entities, unseen and fair.
Enlightened soul now present, the Monsters do you slay,
A Hero stands in silence, in your world so far away

Conspiracy Imagination

 Conspiracy Imagination

Imagine there’s no promised land,
for obedient economic slaves
No hellish place to be threatened with,
for those that don’t behave.

Imagine there’s no borders, or TSA with jobs
No more intruding police states, or programs for a mob

Imagine no religions with dogmas set on vile
Imagine all respecting life with common sense for a while

People think I’m a conspiracy nut,

there are many out there that do.
My hope is everyone opens their minds
So they can live in freedom too.

Imagine living life, free from consumer debt.

Freedom from taxation, or rental signs to let.
Can you think or ponder, or even Imagine that?
No more slave labour, credit cards, bills or VAT

Imagine living in a world, where peace is undemanding
A world that dreams and prospers in hope and understanding 

Imagine education, being creative, open and free
replacing corporate programs that box us in with fees

People think I’m a conspiracy nut,
there are many out there that do.
My hope is everyone opens their minds
So they can live in freedom too.

Imagine focused vision, and reaching for the stars
Built by intuition and trust to raise the bars.
Economic freedom is the only way to go
Rebuilding civilization to function as a whole

People think I’m a conspiracy nut,
there are many out there that do.
My hope is everyone opens their minds
So they can live in freedom too.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Spiritual Connection

Spiritual Connection
Connecting to places lost within,
Walking paths that never dim.
Empathic thoughts, restful mind,
Healing powers for you to find.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Forbidden Places

Forbidden Places
 Forbidden places, of detention,
Forbidden gatherings, in ascension,
Forbidden gospels, of invention,
Forbidden Libraries, never mentioned.
Forbidden wealth, in retention
Forbidden sight, for prevention
Forbidden shares, special exemption
Forbidden knowledge, without attention
Forbidden feelings, hidden dimension
Forbidden impulses, secret extensions
Forbidden thoughts, awarded pensions
Forbidden actions, youth's oppression
Forbidden truth, internal expression
Forbidden light, joyful aggression
Forbidden lies, smiling redemption
Forbidden power, darkest intensions.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hidden Castles

Hidden Castles
Morning light, evening hallows
Fading scenes, cast in shadows
Themes unfold, twilight ridden
Exposing throngs in Castles hidden.

Hidden Worlds

Hidden Worlds

Fractal Spirits

Fractal spirits captured in worlds in between

Forest Entity

Forest Entity

Spiritual Flow

Spiritual Flow

Autumn Foliage

Autumn Foliage

Autumn Matrix

Autumn Matrix

Harvest Sunset

Harvest Sunset

Oxygen 02



Wednesday, September 4, 2013


An Ancient Saying:

“The moon is a ship that sails across the sky, growing in size and radiant intensity as it collects the souls of the dead until full, when it then releases graceful souls into heaven and retreats to begin the cycle all over again.”

It is written that God paints the sky with his intentions and reveals to those willing to listen…and then, he comes to you one night and whispers your name, “Awaken”…


The sound of a far off and distant cry captured my thoughts pulling me into the twilight plains of wonder.

Awaking dreams enveloped my being with thoughts of endless light by captured emotions connected by hidden sirens and distant cries…coming ever closer, and urging me forward.

Growing louder, the sound of a great flock drew near as I watched the moments unfold before me, and with singular unknown purpose and graceful moves, held up by the breath of God, they arrived at the place of his choosing.

My soul, not long awakened and reborn in truth, stood at a crossroads unsure of what lay before me as the graceful entity spiraled down to the lake for the first time.

Heart filled excitement raced within me as emotions thrust forward reaching out to embrace a collective of empathic souls; I knew inside that I must leave here with them…Beckoned by thoughts afar, expressed by a million voices…these living souls with varying purpose, and singular thought spoke to me.  “It is time.”

A crash of thunder echoed behind beating wings as millions rise as one into the sunset from a land of despair, comforting my racing heart through empathic vision. Crescent sails in the darkening sky fills with light and awaiting souls, carried on wings made by God.

Millions of shining lights rising as one in great brilliance, illuminating the darkness and leaving burdens behind, carrying one more soul with them. Soaring into the heavens, filling my heart and soul with warmth and light, my eyes opened…the sleeper has awakened!

Search your soul and ask yourself…”are you prepared to stand against the evils of the World?”

Let us make that stand and together we shall unite our communities for Truth, Justice, and moral values by eliminating the evil controls upon them.

If you should accept, I will swear my oath to you…on my family’s name.
The World is at a Crossroads…it is Time for the awakened to make a stand.

Stewart Francis Brennan


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