Monday, September 21, 2015

Apathetic Nation

Apathetic Nation

All hail the President, dictator and chief,
his murder degree is beyond belief.
A Nobel prize for war in Libya,
and a spy masters chip in every Nividia.

Puppets in power, with darkest agenda,
illusions, elections and fake referenda.
Power controlled from behind the scenes,
Corporate collusion anchored in memes.

Don’t challenge lies with truth or complaint,
don’t whistle blow, or report their feint,
Give up your rights trust their commissions,
and never question their lawless renditions.

Lobby groups, bribes and adoration,
Corruption rules, have seized the nation.
Elections are here, its time for change,
Treasonous liars, acting so strange.

Programmed fools, rigged elections,
all candidates, are corporate selections.
Mark your X in their ballot box,
while profits soar and split their stocks.

Hark the Herald papers sing,
Corporate profits spread their wings.
War is business, peace is not,
Time to tally the votes they bought.
Apathy rules, a sea of humanity, 
Programmed minds by corporate insanity.
TV mediums, lie to the fold,
insensitive audience, believe what their told.

Viewpoints screamed to incite the poor,
Bomb them, bomb them, it’s time for war.
Wave your flag and echo their words,
War is peace, now join the herd.

Humanitarian wars bring devastation,
Evangelist media, cheer conflagration.
And now a word from our trusted sponsor,
weapons sales up for the corporate monster.

About this expression:

Apathetic Nation is a poem about Western Imperialist governance and how it has seized the minds of their people…

The World is controlled by a dictatorship of Oligarchs anchored in the USA and Europe through corporate collusion of money and power. Its neoteric Roman foundation is built on the backs of Billions of subservient people throughout the World who are forced to believe in the empirical religion of the private monetary systems…

Throughout the empire, the enslaved masses are growing angry as they are burdened by government taxation while their wages are siphoned off by corporate shareholder’s and inflation…a tithe of starvation enforced on the people by the greedy, who pray and worship to their god of money. Be wary of retribution if you complain, for waiting in the wings is their brutal sociopathic law enforcement who have been given the powers of full spectrum dominance including privacy invasion to suppress anyone who points out the establishments crimes.

Around the World, wars are waged by Neolithic puppet Oligarchs against all those who resist Western economic takeover. In the aftermath of Imperial warfare, refugees are left with nothing but their will to survive, and leave their decimated nations in search of a safe environment so that their children may live…yet the doors of the empire are either closed by armed guards or become the entrance to an open prison where they will be used as an excuse to lockdown the entire population through draconian legislation when austerity or political expediency brings revolt…the Worlds mass media are corporate owned and do not represent the peoples interest nor do they report the truth which is required by a free society. Rule by the few through their Private Banks and Mega Corporations must end! Their war on society must end!

Thursday, September 17, 2015



If mankind is going to evolve, we must overcome and discard our inherent animal instincts by reaching for the higher spiritual being contained within the life spark that defines our connection to the universe.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Angel in the Shadows

 The Inspiration for this poem comes from the great Persian scholar, Poet, theologian, and mystic Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī and the Photo above that I took in 2007.

"The Morning Breeze has secrets to tell you, do not go back to sleep." ~ Rumi

Angel in the Shadows

In painted skies, sunset falls,
the clouds reveal your shape,
Storms in brilliance, heavens halls,
leave my mouth agape.

Angel in the shadows,
embraced by empathic light,
Inspiring moments set me free,
on foundations firm and bright.

Guidance born, in morning peace,
revealing secrets of my soul.
Gathered light from endless stars,
to keep my spirit whole.

Feelings lift, awakened now,
the future no longer grey.
Bathed in peaceful radiance,
new outlook here to stay.

Do not give into doubt now that the moment has arrived. Overcome obstacles by standing firm on secure foundations and lead the way out.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Defiance on the Cusp of Darkness

Photo By: Stewart Brennan

Defiance on the Cusp of Darkness

A rising squall of fear washes over my mind like a raging forest fire,
demanding submission to dark shadows of gathering nightmares.

The essence of my conscious self is pulled by forceful currents racing in the opposite direction of my being…falling to this entity of malevolence will plunge my soul into a void of despair and failure, never to emerge from its hellish vortex…I must hang on, I must focus my mind and break free from this vitriolic storm…

Anxiety builds within and does not allow my thoughts to settle, there is a tempest of noise in my mind tearing my soul apart, descending on me like a terror wolf from childhood nightmares, it rakes my very soul…

Egoic thoughts from a million minds crash upon me like shards of glass, their voices screaming for my attention to the madness they have embraced. I must block it from my thoughts, I must prevail...I must seek for the quiet inner sanctum of universal peace…break free! Break free, and find the others like me…

Stewart Brennan

“If I had the means to paint, I would fill the world with the images I have seen in dreams and nightmares…If I had the ability to create music, I would fill the World with emotional expressions of truth through song, and if I had a pen and paper, I would paint my thoughts in colourful words to express the visions, emotions, and nightmares that life leaves upon me…”
Here is a fitting song by David Roberts to go with my expression.

David Roberts brings back the craft of story telling through music with “Last Stand of the Giants”. The theme of the song leans on popular myth and folklore on the surface, but deep within, the listener will recognize a parallel to what is happening in the World today. The lyric leaves a profound understanding which is what makes this song extra special in every way. ~ Stewart Brennan ~ World United Music

David Roberts - Reverbnation
David Roberts – World United Music
David Roberts – Official Store

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Good Souls Gather

The quest to find like-minded people who are honest, empathic and care about changing the World for the better is what interests me…I’m driven and attracted to others that share a dream of a better World.

“Good Souls Gather” is a poem / song that reflects inner strength and intuitive knowledge of our connection to a greater spirit and to each other.

Good Souls Gather

There’s a guardian in my mind, that holds a map and key,
to a road that I must find, to the path that sets me free.

Here outside my sanctum, the World cries out in pain,
the suffering is unbearable, its establishment so insane.

My sorrow cries for justice, but falls on empty ears,
still I push on faithfully, despite my mounting years.

There’s a subtle voice within me,
that whispers to my soul,
providing strength and guidance,
that makes my spirit whole.

Good souls are gathering, I feel it in the air,
the time of healing calls me, it beckons to those who care.

The world on fire comes raging back, demanding full attention,
thrusting pain and suffering, through wars of intervention.

Blind reality, controlled illusion, the World is filled with sin,
it casts my mind to confusion, but the Truth remains within.

There’s a subtle voice within me,
that whispers to my soul,
providing strength and guidance,
that makes my spirit whole.

I close my eyes to see you, and know that you see me,
the aura of combined emotion, comforts and helps me see.

Good souls are gathering, building for what’s to come,
lifting empathy’s fire, one heart our beating drum.

Visions remain truthful, despite the worldly weight,
Our hearts and souls united, regardless of our fate.

There’s a subtle voice within me,
that whispers to my soul,
providing strength and guidance,
that makes my spirit whole.

There’s a guardian in my mind, that holds a map and key,
to a road that I have found, to the path that set me free.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Cycles Pass and Fade

Cycles Pass and Fade is a Poem about the cycle of life, the clash of thought, and mans amnesia of his past. Inspired by the song “Wicker Man” by Damh the Bard, and also Michael Ruppert and his PRN Radio show “The LifeBoat Hour”

The first draft of this poem was written and released on January 6th, 2014 under the Title “Clashing thoughts in Worlds Unseen”…I wasn’t satisfied with it and so I rewrote it on June 27th, 2015 and included the new title; “Cycles Pass and Fade”.

Cycles Pass and Fade

Hear the drummers drumming, the rhythm of the fold,
feel your heartbeat rising, to forgotten thoughts of old.

Wrapped in shrouds of dusk, and scarves of brilliant light,
moving fast, unfolding plains, reflections in the night.

Shining eyes through hooded cloaks, determined in defiance,
thin lined expressions smile, held back in non-compliance.

The air is thick with vision, prophetic thoughts to gorge,
Crashing on benighted shores, the warnings were ignored.

Moving in the shadows, enlightened whispers flow,
Empathic streams of healing, against the night they glow.

Waiting champions rise, holding oaths to advancing legions,
thoughts in light and darkness, confronting forgotten reasons.

Audacious, bold and fearless, in confidence, promise made,
like declarations made before them, they wither, pass and fade.

Cycles come and cycles go, new life takes its place,
the siege engulfs all history, the old ones leave no trace.

Yet still the waves of apathy, flood the minds of men,
who never see the eschaton, that spells their mortal end.

Stewart Brennan

Inspired by the song “Wicker Man” by Damh the Bard

Damh the Bard – World United Music


Also Inspired by Michael C. Ruppert and the LifeBoat Hour

In Memory of Michael C. Ruppert (1951 – 2014)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Roads, Realms, and Journey’s

Roads, Realms, and Journey’s

Eyes close one last time, as I break free and float into a universe of darkness lit up by an infinite beacon that calls me home. Familiar roads lovingly embrace my being as shadows merge with light, revealing the silhouettes and foundations of the past that now open’s the door to my reconnection. The road home is lined by Columns of trees standing stoically like ancient philosophers contemplating the mysteries of the universe. Each experience of my past merges with a sea of consciousness as the burdens of life fall away to understanding, acceptance and a return to unity…I am home! 

This Photo and expression combine to entertain the thought that the Universe is a multi dimensional sea of consciousness with an infinite capacity of understanding. We living beings are each but a drop of water in an endless ocean of mind, born with a purpose to experience life and then transform back with our experiences to that higher state of consciousness that connects us all.

It follows the thought that there is no beginning or end, just a continuous transformation in the state of energy and consciousness.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

We Stand on Guard

We Stand on Guard

The sun rises on empty playgrounds in Eastern Ukraine, as the long shadows of night retreat from cities of broken dreams. Those that remain will fight to the last to protect their homes and families from the scourge of soulless monsters emerging from the gates of Kiev.

A nightmare descends with dark clouds of insane anger arriving from overseas in a storm of bullets and bombs to uproot and shatter communities a thousand years old, depriving them of their right to exist.

The furious tantrums of a diabolical new world order lusts for empire and empowers its faithful greedy hordes with promises never meant to keep. A perverse and wicked neoteric Rome rises in the west with designs to rule the world.

The battle lines reach antediluvian empires, as Imperial malevolence is unleashed on the ancient cities of our past. Old diverse communities are denied their moral right of existence by the crimes of a sinister onslaught. The World has been set on fire for a pocket full of gold…

Evil is not unchallenged however, as awareness flows through empathic vision to fill the ranks of those who uphold morality, freedom and justice…an army of the righteous rises, intent on securing the last lines of defence.

Prophetic text comes to pass by the sequence of demonic wars waged by an unholy western alliance who unleash their terrorist armies on the people of Damascus, Yemen and Palestine. The cries of the besieged in turn release their grief and call upon humanity to rise and oppose the malignant New World Order...rise…rise united…rise in brotherhood…yes, we rise and stand on guard…

About this Expression:

“We Stand on Guard” is an expression of disgust towards the American Empire. It is also a warning to others who do not know about the brutal dictatorship and terrorist practices that Europe and North America have unleashed around the world. Their direct association with brutal puppet regimes demonstrates their objective of destroying all that resist. Those that control the United States spearhead the West’s economic and military aggression and have publicly stated their commitment to building a New World Order which has now become the most brutal fascist dictatorship in History. This New Evil Empire views the world as its own and destroys all that embrace independence from it…war is coming, and you will need to decide which side you are on…

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Reflections of a Man

Reflections of a Man

Thoughts reflect in the mirror as I search for yesterday,
only to find the blurred vision of an old man who once stood as Hercules.
Young, strong, proud, defiant!
A youth who thought he would live forever,
A man built on solid foundations,
So flawless...

Eyes clearly met, with reserved anxiety, by the only one who really knows me…
Staring back, on guard was the frail consciousness of a graying man,
petrified of facing his reflection, for the image looks back with the guilt of experience and the time deepened scars etched on his brow as a reminder of the errors committed from his past.

Ego would not drop its defences in the reflection staring intently back.

Who are you to stand there so defiant as if in judgement of me,
when I have made amends for the sins I had committed from my own defective flaws and arrogance…You are just as guilty as I, even though you never apologized when looking at me straight in the eyes.

You never forgave me my sins…
Yet, I stand here in front of you, hoping to make amends and put this rift behind us.
Why do you just stare back with echoed conversations in reflection?
Haunting thoughts that go round and round in my mind,
forgive me…

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Answered Prayers

Answered Prayers

Unheard voices bring the night, our hopes return the day,
beings struggle for the light, in prayers we often say,

“Hear me oh most gracious one, I lift my heart to you,
I need you in these times of woe, a sign to guide me through.”

Empathy whispers, aglow within, candle flickers in the dark,
Prayers are thrust from the rain, while lost here on earth’s ark.

Close your eyes and listen, replies appear in your sight,
truth comes with your answer, connections made by light.

Darkness wanes, the oceans true, the skies return their song,
No longer lost, your path in view, new sense that you belong.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Waiting for You

Waiting for You

He stood there at the station, broad smile from ears to chin,
hopes and dreams weaving thoughts, his future about to begin.

Foreign lands play on his mind, a new beginning for both of them,
his hearts desire would meet him here, train leaves at 8:00 pm.

Watch pulled from vest pocket, time was running late,
all he owned was sent abroad, packed in wooden crates.

Anxious moments gather, at engine steams release,
for absent is his angel who calms his soul in peace.

Silence hushed the murmuring crowd, stirring at the station,
intent he listens for his name, in waiting anticipation.

The terminal fills with silhouettes, dancing in the rain,
moving in slow motion, as they board the west bound train.

A misty fog descends, building evening’s tense commotion,
illuminated by teary eyes, passengers filled with emotion.

Cargo racks packed on board, tea vendors busy in the chill,
life goes on in silence, from puddle reflections standing still.

Shadows move in greyish hues, its dark in mid November,
he waits for her in solemnness, hoping that she’ll remember.

Adventure rides the train at eight, not alone his understanding,
looking for her at departures gate, and on the boarders landing.

Conductor calls “all aboard”, engines smoke fills the dusk,
and there she stood in the rain, red coat, Corset and busk. 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Penumbra’s Gate

Penumbra’s Gate

Portals to infinity, quite often unseen by most,
when catching eyes looking down, reveal reflected ghosts.
Thoughts retreat from shadows, anxious moments wait,
for there in pools on cobble stone, the frame of Penumbra’s Gate.

Beacons call attention, urging minds to bend and enter,
hypnotic waves of darkness, keeping victims off center.
Legs give way, the body down, no power to get up and rise,
Wraiths move in to trap your soul, under nightmare skies.

The will to break comes swiftly, suddenly you’re on your feet,
confidence builds as armour, on evenings cobbled streets.
Twilight surrounds ecliptic, the puddles dry and fade,
unknowing which is up or down, you hear laughter in the shade.

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