Saturday, September 15, 2012

Forest Sanctuary

“The forest is a cathedral of dreams, and the realm of our sanctuary.”

Forest Sanctuary

I Stand before cathedrals forgotten, in awe of life’s magnificence,
forests old, deep and rare, storied in great beneficence.

Timber woods engage my eyes, and lift my shaman spirit,
connections made from long ago, secure my soul to hear it.

Civilization, behind grows quiet, the sounds returned are fair,
the path that lays before me now, my journey, each step a prayer.

Stretching out empathic thoughts, the marrow of my soul,
returning essence kindred, in phase to make me whole.

Spirits flowing through me, ancestor voices heard,
language wave impressions, “return to us” their word.

Thoughts do reach out further, all life returns reflection,
symbiotic spirit flow, our lifeblood makes connection.

Beings of energy fuse together, bonds broken long ago,
reconnecting age old spirits, to lift my heart aglow.

For in my mind a secret place, forest sanctuary calls,
visions found within me, that long for hallowed halls.

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