Thursday, March 8, 2018

Capital Fraud

Capital Fraud

A Family business, moral by oath,
builds community with positive growth.

An Important link in the chain of needs,
providing goods in the hamlet it feeds.

Yet in the world of capitalist yoke,
the greedy play games, under a cloak.

The competition, desires your shop,
begins a war, sets the prices to drop.

With pockets so deep, thanks to the bank,
rivals squeeze you, until you tank.

With no place to go, except you know where,
the banker advises, stock market share.

Wall street vortex and banking memes,
devouring companies by fraudulent means,

A gamblers pit with rules of the streets,
their markets rigged by financial cheats.

The company lost through a sale of stock,
all bought up by the penny hawk.

And now your business is owned by the bank,
the hawk who sold you and the one to thank.

Acquired now by your competition,
who backed the bank by his own admission.

Market share gained, who’s next on the block,
the Corporate meme begins to stalk.

Barbaric world of robbers and thieves,
they prey on the innocent who believe.

When nothing’s left and the market is bought,
they turn their eyes in and feast on the lot.


About this Poem: Capitalism begins with good intentions but always ends up in self destruction through greed.

Greed is driven by a criminal private banking system that is ultimately owned by a few wealthy banking families. These Banks feed off of community like parasites which is why we are all subject to paying higher rents, mortgages and taxes.

These banking families also control and run the stock markets, which are their own private gambling halls. All of it has been legalized by corrupt government officials and for a very long time. Today, people think of Private Banks and the Stock Markets as normal because they were born into the system not knowing that they are actually economic slaves to them.

The entire “Private Banking System” and stock market is completely fraudulent and needs to be addressed if we are to save society from extreme poverty. The solution rests in changing the way government and banking works.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

America the Beautiful (2018 Version)

America the Beautiful (2018 Version) 

O beautiful the chemtrail skies,
Monsanto waves of grain,
the coal filled mountain companies,
above the oil spill plain!
America, America!
Your god is on its knees,
elections rigged by criminals,
who drive the corporate schemes.

No immigrants allowed to come,
your stern impassions stress,
who come from lands that you destroyed
these people in distress.
America! America!
Your God is on its knees,
confirms thy soul, no self control,
and no morality.

...And overseas your army proved,
that they create the strife,
egocentric monsters loose,
no mercy for any life,
America! America!
Your evil is refined,
untouchable by your decree,
for all your warring crimes.

The laws you make, are filled with hate,
your moral compass dead,
your cities filled with human tears,
where poverty is spread!
America! America!
Your god wont take a knee,
Obama, Clinton, Bush and Trump
your symptom of disease.
By: The Activist Poet

About this expression: Truth is our greatest weapon, especially when one waves this flag in the face of power...

I’m not an American so I cannot be patriotic to America but I can be patriotic to the truth and so for Black History Month, I decided to create this truthful spin on an American patriotic song...I'm angry with what the US Government is doing all over the World but I’m also angry on what it is doing in its own country...What do you think?
The Lyrics and story behind the original song can be found at the following link:

Sunday, February 18, 2018



Consciousness stirs within and all around us…it seeks our understanding and whispers truth to the hearts of pioneers who birth the evolution and steps of assent towards an age of new enlightenment…behold the defining moments of the world, each one a whisper of light by those who dared to listen…

God speed John Anthony West (July 09, 1932 – Feb. 06, 2018)

Monday, January 1, 2018

The Wheel

The Wheel

That sickly sound is in the air, that grinding crushing noise,
the meme of ruthless business and the people it destroys.

The thieving wheel extends its reach, consolidating power,
controls another industry, adding to its tower.

There was a time of honesty with many fortunes made,
but in the halls behind the bank, were greedy thieves of trade.

They tolled the roads, controlled the wealth, and sat upon the gold,
then pulled the plug on everyone, made sure the stocks were sold.

Into their hands all did pass, to an oligopoly,
then to war, they brought us all, through weapons monopoly.

Every sector on the wheel, fell to criminal hands,
swaths of growth to deepest pockets by economic plan.

The wheel now rolls other shores, new partners with the banks,
they leave us all disgraced and poor while others build their tanks.

There’s nothing left but tyranny, free speech is set to fall,
new bills that kill our freedom, the wealthy control it all.

From distance comes that sickly sound of wheels come ashore,
to prove the econ-opoly forgot what came before.

These corporate thieves enslaved our land, game is set and done,
the only way to free ourselves is to change the way things run.

About this Poem: Should be self evident, right? 😉

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